Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to Reality.

I'm here on my last day of this Denver trip, and I'm heading back to reality tonight.  (aka: Milwaukee.)  It's been a really great, relaxing trip.  I'm gearing up for an engagement shoot tomorrow, a boudoir shoot Wednesday, and THREE weddings this weekend!  It's my first ever triple header for a weekend.  Sometimes I end up with two weddings in one weekend, but this time I've got one Friday, one Saturday and one on Sunday. 

I thought I'd update you guys with some of my stats and some pictures! 

Yesterday I weighed in at 157.6!

Now this was a weigh-in the day after a night of moderate... okay... heavy drinking.  I'm pretty sure this is a false low because of how much alcohol dehydrates you.  We'll find out next week.  Along with that, I didn't have a tape measure, so I'll be updating my measurements next week. :)

Here are some fun pics of me with some friends over the week!

Laura and I:

Me with my friend Olson, who we've determined is my oldest friend in the world.  I've known him for about 13 years!

A few more shots from the DMB concert... me with my brother:

And me with Dan:

Also, I did some Goodwill shopping yesterday with Beth!  Since we've both lost around 65-68 pounds over roughly the same period of time, we decided it'd be fun to go bargain shopping together!  :)

I'm wearing a jean skirt there that I did NOT buy... (I still really hate my legs, I have serious issues with them.) -- And Beth is wearing some fabulous jeans that highlight the hot in her hot butt hot pants style.

So, I bought this really fabulous skirt even though it's pretty tight on me.  Goal clothes! :) 

So this skirt and this other black one are the same brand, and both "M." 

I bought the black one without trying it on, assuming it'd fit the same.  WRONG!  The black skirt doesn't zip up over my bubble butt.  I'd probably have to lose a good 4-5 inches in my ass before being able to wear it.  Moral of the story?  Try everything on!!

Some new skinny jeans:

A cute halter top, new with tags!

Some size 8 jeans from New York and Company.  Basically they fit me like a glove, except that even these will sag down because the waist gets too big for me.  Why is that?  It's so frustrating to pull my jeans up all the time.  Anyone ever get jeans custom made for them?  I'm considering it.  Jeans that fit my booty rarely fit my waist properly.

A few new shirts (please forgive my hair/face, just woke up but wanted to share!):

New perfume!

And the mac daddy of all purchases this week (or ever...) - the coveted, awesome, amazeballs D3s!  This thing is incredible and I've been lusting after it, so I'm super stoked to finally have it:

You can see how huge it is - these are Dan's big man hands.

Also I wanted to tell you guys about the Potluck my Parents had on Sunday.  They hosted this party for some people at their church and everyone brought something.  This was the dessert table:

Cake, three pies, cheesecake (my favorite!), cookies, peanut butter bars and peanut butter oatmeal drop things... and this weird concoction that apparently is butter cheetos coated in caramel!  So, I took some pictures of the table to share with you guys.  Then I went out where the meat was and got a bunless cheeseburger, some broccoli salad and some bbq pork.  The food I ate was savory and delicious.  I must say that at this point, what I feel when I look at sweets is more of a "lust," and in reality I don't "miss" it.  I want it because I can't have it.  But when it comes down to it... I don't REALLY want it.

So!  That's enough for today.  I'll be back later with some changes to the blog and some other topics for discussion. :)



Lor said...

cute clothes!!

and i am really, really proud of your willpower! you make an excellent point -- you want it because you "cannot" have it. i just need to learn to recognize this in the heat of the moment!!!

keep it up! xo

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

I have found the opposite about weighing after drinking - I think it makes you slightly heavier from bloating? At least that is what I'd like to think of my Saturday morning weigh in...All the clothes were cute. You look good in everything.

Unknown said...

very cool new d3! better then clothes any day, well most days. cant wait to see you new shots. glad you had such a nice vacation.

Melissa said...

Those skirts are soo cute, I am very jealous =]
I have been following your blog for a couple months and your success has helped inspire me to stop hating my body and start doing something about changing it...THANK YOU!

=]Miss Muffin Tops

Unknown said...

I had a great time shopping!!! <3

Crysi said...

Super cute clothes! You look amazing. The way you feel about your legs is how I feel about my arms. It sucks.

mmm.. cheesecake. :) I wish I had your willpower because when I do have something like that (or fries) I always feel like crap after, physically and mentally. It isn't worth it so why can't I figure it out?

Just me said...

I love that your blog is called "Ex Hot Girl". That is exactly what I feel like. Like you, I look at pics of myself from about five years ago and think "Why didn't I realize just how hot I was!?!?"

I'm currently starting to work out and my husband and I are talking about a diet. (he does not need a diet. He's 6'4" and 200 lbs. He just wants to "eat healthy". Part of me thinks he also wants his hot wife back.)

I also love that you are a photographer. I love pictures, but am far from a professional. I keep meaning to take a class, but life gets in the way.

notasecretagent said...

I'm currently obsessed with pencil skirts. I wore one to work today and pretended I was in Mad Men... without the sexism. You look great in everything. :)

Runnergirl said...

Fab photos - I can't believe how FLAT your tummy is!

I have the same issues with my fat thighs and jeans - the size 16's fit my thighs, but are HYUGE on the waist, but the 14's are tight tight tight (UK sizes!)

I only ever crave sweet things if they are there in front of me - I need to take a lesson from you and say that I don't actually WANT it, I just want it because I shouldn't.

Btw. any hot tips for Denver - just over a week before we land (right in the middle of the Food & Drink Festival!!)

Karen said...

Levi is starting this ad campaign for a new type of jeans they're selling to women. Apparently supposed to fit all different sizes and styles, one of which is supposed to fix the baggy waist/butt problem you have. I haven't explored this at all, but you could try them! Probably a little less expensive than custom made jeans.

SkittishKat said...

You got some really great clothes! You should've gotten the jean skirt too because your legs look fine. I just noticed that you're in the final stretch with 12.6 lbs. to go. Congrats! I hope that you keep up the blog and tell us how you maintain your weight because I just found you and I would be sad to see your blog end since you are such an inspiration. Keep up the great work!


Cinderita said...

Wow! How awesome are you?? I am so thrilled to have found your page. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself so authentically. I will definitely be back!

Ali said...

The grey skirt is adorable, and so flattering on you! Congrats on the weight lost, even if it is just alcohol dehydration weight, you have come so far regardless!

Chuck said...

I am so jealous you have the is such a badass camera. I think I'd have to sell my house to get it or rob a bank, but man it would be worth it. Looking forward to seeing some great shot from it!

Along These Lines ... said...

Yeah, the Nikon D3 is awesome. You'll love it. Good blog.