Friday, April 2, 2010

Eat. Stop. Eat.

Alrighty then.

So, way back when, I told you guys that I was researching a new eating plan.  I wasn't sure, but now I'm pretty much POSITIVE this is going to be amazing.  I found this plan called Eat Stop Eat.  Yes, I know, the website totally looks like a gimmick-y, rip-off type of site.  But I'm telling you, it isn't.

It was developed by Brad Pilon (Nutritionist, Supplement Analyst, and other awesome things) - and it's really simple.  It's backed by hard-core, bottom-line, scientific facts.  You don't change how you eat, in fact, the plan works for anyone.  You can eat low carb, low sugar, high in whole grains, vegetarian, vegan, whatever.  All you do is fast two times per week, for 24 hours at a time.  And don't worry about the whole "starvation mode" thing.  That is a line of bull pucky invented by the food and diet industries.  (Your metabolic rate doesn't change even with 24, 32 or even up to 72 hours of fasting, so 24 hours is NOT going to change your metabolism a bit.)

Intermittent fasting.  For example, you start fasting at 6pm, and then begin eating again at 6pm the next day.  There's the beauty of it.  You don't go any day without eating... just a 24-hour period.

Now, it won't work if I decide to go nuts and gorge myself the following day, or if I decide I can eat every horrible thing for me on the days I'm not fasting.  It's a way to mimic the eating patterns of our ancestors.  Eat.  Then there's no more food, so it's fasting time.  Then, eat again later.  I could try to cut my calories (which I've done, and it was successful but not so maintainable) and eat tons of salad and skip desserts, and cut my sugar intake by 30% by feeling deprived... or I could do Eat Stop Eat, and still be able to eat what I enjoy, and cut my intake by the same amount.  It's intuitive and simple.

I can't go too much more into it because it wouldn't be fair to Brad.  What I can say is this:

I'll be doing this for the next 60 days.  It just so happens that the book comes with a 60-day guarantee, so that should be enough time to figure out if it works for me.  The research I've done, reviews I've read and testimonials I've seen are all pointing in a really positive direction.  I'll let you guys know how it goes.



Panty Buns said...

If all this works will you consider getting new granny panties and showing us? (I model mine on my blogs). The twice a week 24 hour plan is interesting. I'l be checking in.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see how this goes. This sounds very interesting! Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Eat Stop Eat IS awesome. Follow Brad on Twitter and ask him questions. He's super cool and very helpful.

I've been using ESE for about a year now and it works.

Good luck!

Lew said...

This sounds very interesting and makes a lot of sense. If would fit in well with my exercise schedule too in that I could eat well after the gym in the morning then fast the following day when I don't exercise, eating again in the evening ready for the gym the following morning.

Thanks for the heads up! I'll be keen to see how you get on with this.

Nissa Nicole said...

Hi Jen, I am also doing Eat Stop Eat.

I used to do 3 day fasts, but while I DID lose weight during them, it was just too long without eating and I would binge afterwords.

Finding this program, however, seemed perfect because the fasting actually does feel wonderful for the first day. Also, one of my main problems in losing weight is my inability to eat salads constantly. ;D

Good luck with your plan!

Farah said...

Got the book. Did ESE for a while and it worked great. Loved it. I'm pregnant now, so I can't do it right now, but I think it will be great for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear how it goes.

Fit and Fashionable said...

I'm looking really forward to see how this works for you! You've done so well already, you're such an inspiration!

Name Nazi said...

I do a version of this on my own ... I fast Monday, Wed, Friday and then eat on the other days. It works for me. I lose. And its great because I can go out to lunch on the Tues/Thurs with my friends and not feel like I'm missing out. I can have a fun weekend if I want. You're right about not going hog wild on the eating days ... but it works for me.

And I made it up myself! :)

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

I have never done well with fasting, for a few reasons.

1. have to tinkle more ;-)
2. get crabby when I don't eat
3. I get the shakes, esp if my last meal has carbs

I duno if you have this/these issues so I can't wait to see how you like this, AND how it works.

Will be be logging what you do eat for your last meal?

GALaxy said...

This sounds so interesting. I love your idea of starting the fast in the evening. You wouldn't even notice a huge chunk of it because of sleep and you would have had breakfast and lunch so it wouldn't be SO bad...Hm hm hm I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Ooooh, please do share how it goes. Very interesting. I might be a good candidate for that! THANK YOU for sharing!

Esther Crawford said...

Jen, you know I love you girl... but fasting two days a week is not sustainable. Yes, our ancestors didn't always have access to lots of food but we do. I always wish you the best of luck but worry about fasting programs because it seems like a modified version of anorexic behavior. Don't hate me for being a bit worried about this, k? :)

Chuck said...

Dr Whitaker from the Whitaker Wellness Clinic in CA has a fasting program they use at the clinic.

Instead of eating breakfast, spend 20 to 45 minutes exercising. Cardio, treadmill, ect. Take nothing but water and /or coffee, and any suppluments are okay. Then don't eat until your normal lunch time. (You can have water/coffee during the morning. The caffeine in the coffee actually acts like an appetite suppressant anyway.)

If your last meal was at 6PM and your lunch time is noon, that is an 18-hr fast with some exercise thrown in to getting the body burning the only fuel it has -fat- which supplies ketones as the fuel.

I have suscribed to his health newsletter for several years and even though he is an MD he practices exclusively natural ways to get and stay heathy.

Check him out at

Love the new hair's really you!

Crystal said...

Please let us know if this works, I'm not sure I could actually go that long without eating but since I'm restricting calories and eating salad might be nice to allow myself some yummy-ness on occasion if this works. Good luck! :)

Shrinkabootie said...

Just found your blog and love it. I'll definitely be following!

Running Diva Mom said...

Just found your blog -- looking forward to following your journey -- keep up the great work! :-) HAPPY EASTER!

S.A. said...

Good luck on your new diet, but please be careful. I wasn't aware that restricting your food was criteria for a healthy diet.

I went into eating disorder treatment for restricting my food

You are irreplaceable! Don't do anything that would put yourself in jeopardy. :)

NJ said...

Good luck on this. In my experience though restricting calories did work for losing the weight but after I always gained it all back plus 10 more everytime. I don't know if you can see the episodes online but their is a good canadian show called X-weighted. I've found the show to be quite inspiring at times.

Tania said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this. To me fasting just doesn't sound like a good idea. The whole thing we're supposed to be doing here is coming up with a sustainable way of eating healthier for the rest of our lives and fasting isn't sustainable. I too fear that this sounds like eating disorder behavior. We should learn how to incorporate foods we really enjoy into our diet while making healthier choices the majority of the time. Not fasting to allow us to make poorer choices on the days we can eat. It just doesn't sound healthy to me.

rachaelgking said...


I've got the exercise plan down, now it's time for a diet...

Maya said...


I hate to say this, but I think its a load of crap. I listened to his video thing, and yeah, it sounds all fine and nice, but the entire time he was knocking other diets and counting calories and such saying that "they wont work" but you are a walking breathing contradiction to almost his entire video! Not once in the video you linked did it say "how" it is supposed to work, only that it will. He also spent the whole time saying that counting calories is virtually a waste of time, dieting is a waist of time, and that you can do the whole "program" eating whatever you want, and yet the "eat stop eat" book (for only $39.95!) comes with 3 aditional books that include a guide to healty eating and such. He spent way too much time putting everything else down and not enough time putting his plan up. I dont trust it, and I think you will be upset if it doesnt work and/or you come off of it, and gain it all back. You should also look into different laws and such about $ back guarentees. there is a reason most companies sell things for 19.95 and 39.95. depending on what it is, their are loop holes to get around reembursing customers if the items are below a certian dollar ammount. Obviously, you need to decide what you are going to do for yourself, but I know I speak for most of your followers when I say we dont like to see you upset, or discouraged.

Unknown said...

umm.... why not just eat what you want to eat in moderation and exercise??

Blog your food and exercise and perfecto you're good :)

If you don't like calorie counting then try weight watchers?

I'm sorry but this just doesn't sounds like a good idea.


my blog:


Erin said...

I actually think this sounds like a great idea and something I could totally do. I'm really interested to read about your experience with it and will be trying it as well.

Casper said...

I hope this is an april fools joke. Of course a diet like this will work since basically you will eat less, a lot less. Whether or not the diet works for losing weight, I would never try this as to me it just sounds like glorifying unhealthy eating behavior. I sincerely hope I am wrong in thinking this diet is a great way to start a serious eating disorder.

Anonymous said...

I've read about this before and it is backed by some pretty legitimate sources that I would definitely consult with fitness/nutritional stuff....I'm interested to see how it goes.

I'm thinking about trying Leigh Peele's Fat Loss Troubleshoot. Very EXCITED.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Intersting concept. I am so not a "fast" person...I gotta eat. But I recently switched from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers and am trying to learn to cook with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Only time will tell!

Member of the Justice League said...

Fasting is a great idea. Check out a book by Arnold Ehret called "Rational Fasting" at

I don't know if you're a spiritual person or not, but if you are, adding that component on those *Stop* days could be really helpful.

Good luck to you!

Karen said...

I am so interested in hearing how you do. I have recently added 2 one day long fasts to my routine. You mention fasting and immediately people look at you like you are insane, at least that's what I've experienced so far. I hope it works for you.

Unknown said...

I didn't follow a program but actually use to practice this method of eating...but I fasted every other day to lose the 40 pounds of fat I gained after my first son was born...its a powerful feeling to go to bed hungry...i also lost that 40 pounds in 2 months...but walked 4 miles a day too! If only I could be sooo committed now! dang...anyway here is a poem by Edna St Vincent Millay that I love to think about when I am fasting!


I drank at every feast
The last was like the first
and came across no wine
so wonderful as thirst.

I gnawed of every root
and ate of every plant
but came across no fruit
so wonderful as want.

Feed the grape and bean
to the vintor and the monger.
I shall lie down lean
with my thirst and my hunger!

Edna St Vincent Millay