Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holy crap. I'm back.

Hello my darlings.

It's been ***EIGHTEEN*** months since my last post.  Holy crap, indeed.

As you can imagine, it's been the same virtual roller coaster of the same 20 pounds.  And naturally, it's a new year and I am coming off of a multi-week bender of food and alcohol and whateverthefuckIwant.  Funny how the things I want in the moment only lead me to feeling the absolute worst as a result.

Prior to the last month or so, I was maintaining a pretty healthy lifestyle, though was still not achieving the body I really want.  On chase trips Skip and I will hike and eat veggies and hummus and mostly maintain a really healthy outlook.  It helps that he's vegan.


I have been reading back through this blog, an amazing chronicle and account of what I've gone through in weight loss and fitness and such over the last several years, and I was even finding myself ... inspired by myself.

My husband and I have chatted about this Ex Hot Girl blog thing several times over the last 18 months while I've been absent here.  (Meanwhile chasing and working like crazy,) and he encouraged me to come back but I never did.

Well, I'm back.

I'm back to blog more, to share with you my fitness and health goals, food issues and all of the things that I used to share with you.

Hopefully you'll run along with me and we'll renew our focus on ourselves together.

For me, it's back to low fat vegan / raw juicing and smoothies.  I had a great deal of success on this (You don't have to scroll too far back to find this, but it was at the end of 2011,) and I'm ready to reset things to where they should be.  Fall back in love with fruits and veggies again!

A quick update then, on what I've been up to and where I am.  Like I mentioned, up and down between 160 and 180.  Currently:

Weight:  180.3 (fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck)
Chest: 41"
Waist: 34"
Bootie:  43"
Hips: 41.5"
Thighs: 26"

I actually started running in the late summer and found myself running 5k distances regularly.  I wasn't losing weight during that time, but felt really good.  I really was blown away that I had the need, the pull, the actual (wtf?) desire to run.  It baffled me.

But, as soon as the weather turned bad, I joined a gym to tide me over during the winter... and it just wasn't the same at ALL.  I discovered I absolutely loathe running on a treadmill.  I do enjoy the weights and the elliptical for some reason.  But, as of right now, I haven't been in about 3 weeks.  When I started I was there several times a week but lapsed over the holidays and not feeling well.  The sub zero temperatures in Milwaukee have also succeeded in keeping me in my house.  /sadface.

SO!  Here is a photo of my husband and I on New Years Eve this year, and a current shot of me before going out.  HElloooooo, MAC makeup.

SO.  Here we go.  Day one.  :)



Twilight Images said...

1. Mac make up is the shit. Because it's amazing and you look gorgeous.


Chuck said...

Jen you have been missed. I always enjoy reading your blog, seeing your wedding photos, and checking out the amazing storm chasing shots. You are a magician with the camera!!

My wife also loves your storm photos...terrible what happened to Tim earlier this year. Blew me away when I heard about it. Still have the tornado special about him on my DVR.

Anonymous said...


Can I just?

YAYYYYY!!!! You're back! I used to read this blog many moons ago when I lost a lot of weight. I'm now two weeks into my new journey (after gaining it all back and more, but let's not talk about that) and was reading through some old posts like "I wish she would start blogging again."

Wishes do come true! YAY.

Chai Latté said...

Whoa!! You're back! Your people missed you! :-)

A. said...

Glad to see you back! I know the feeling of being absent. ;)

Could you give tips on your falling back in love with fruits and veggies? I'm feeling very anti healthy foods after so long of eating so badly. Haha.

Super psyched to follow you again!

Unknown said...

Yay! I was a new follower just before your "hiatus" and was ready to keep up with you and lose the last bit. I totally slacked in the last year and a half and put on about 12 pounds. Eek! It could be worse!

Panty Buns said...

It's great to read you again and to see all of your fabulous photos! You look fantastic at 180. I'm heavier but just did a new post myself, though my absence (three months) wasn't quite as long as yours Congrats on blogging again and on your vegan diet. I'm vegetarian and your eats look yummy to me. I'd been thinking it was cold here in New York but it hasn't been sub-zero yet like there in Milwaukee. Best of luck in 2014!

Morgan said...

So glad you're back - when your blog popped up in my feed I was stunned. In a good way :) Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Wowzer, you're back :) You're looking very good too - happy new year to you :)


A said...

I used to read your blog all the time, but never commented before. I was looking into doing a juice cleanse and googling recipes, when I thought of you. I'm pretty sure your blog was the first time I ever got the idea to try juicing. So I came to see if you'd posted anything recently and... you're back! I'm so excited about this that I decided to write my first comment :)

Welcome back!!