Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well, well, well.  Damn I've been gone a long time again.  I suck at this blogging thing lately!

Things have been extremely, unseasonably busy for me this winter.  I have been doing a lot of fashion shoots, and even had a storm chase a few days ago.  I have updated my storm website, you can visit it here:

I also now have my fine art tornado prints for sale here:

Jennifer Brindley Fine Art

My weight has been steady around 170-173 I would guess.  I haven't been on the freaking treadmill in over a month, which I hope to get back on this week.  My month of March seems MUCH more open and less busy than last month was.  I also just got back from a trip to Denver, which involved less healthy eating... but I have been able to maintain a mostly vegetarian diet (not including fish/sushi on occasion.)

I look forward to getting back to my healthier routine.  It's an ebb and flow, isn't it?  :)


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Baking with Melissa™ said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday! Reading your posts help me stay connected and motivated! You are SOOOO missed in the ex hot girl blog world!