Friday, November 11, 2011

Honeymoon Report!

So - TONS to catch you guys up on.  

First of all - I'm on a Raw Restart because I went off the Raw food bandwagon while Dan and I were on our honeymoon!  We went to Orlando and did Disney, Animal Kingdom and Epcot.  (Epcot had the wine and food tour.  I mean... yeah.  DELISH.)

This might be the longest blog post ever, just to warn you.  First, some honeymoon pics and food I ate there:

At Disney World they actually had a veggie burger option!  Holy crap, batman!  So I got that, no cheese, just pickles, lettuce, tomato and mustard on a whole wheat bun.  (Actually all their buns are whole wheat, imagine that?)  And I got an unsweetened iced tea, and they offer apple slices as an alternative side to fries!

This veggie burger, by the way, was freaking DELICIOUS.

There was a smoothie / ice cream stand and it was getting sort of warm.  Wouldn't you know it... they also offered raw pineapple.  HELLO!  That's awesome!  When I ordered it the guy seemed surprised, I don't think many people do.  But, I did and it was satisfying and healthy.

Dan, on the other hand, ate a cinnamon bun the size of his head.  I drank some water. ;)

Room service.  Amazing spinach salad with grilled peppers and goat cheese.  Okay, so I initially intended to stay vegan on this trip but I forgot about goat cheese.  And holy crappers was it delicious!

Downtown Disney (a block from our hotel!) -- They have this awesome place called Fresh A-Peel.  I had to get a photo and order a salad.  You got it right... smoothies and fresh salads.  The guy even added corn into mine when I asked.  Pretty sure that was a free bonus, y'all.

Character breakfast buffet at the hotel.  This is where I sort of stayed healthy but started to incorporate non-diet foods into my day.  That's a giant veggie omelet with no cheese (delish.)  Clockwise from there, the tiniest bit of corned beef hash (the chef makes it from scratch so I had to try it.)   Then some roasted potatoes (yum,) bacon (I HAD TO,) and a bit of a breakfast burrito.  Also delish.

I had to get some yummy melon in, too.

Epcot.  All the characters, and then... the food and wine festival.  And it started with Greece.  Griddled Greek cheese with pistachios and honey.  Sounds weird, but I'm telling you.  It was a miracle of food.

Hawaii.  Kalua pork slider with sweet and sour pineapple chutney and spicy mayo.

And from Hawaii... Tuna poke with seaweed salad and lotus root chips.

Argentina:  Beef empanada.  Crispy, delectable.

China:  Pork pot sticker, and caramel ginger ice cream (holy.)

Germany:  Nuernberger sausage in a pretzel roll.  I had a tiny bite of this but primarily it was Dan's.  I had the goulash soup.  Interesting!

We also stopped in the "Italy" and got Dan some chocolate mousse.  (His favorite dessert!)  And I got myself a ham and cheese croissant that was flaky and to die for.

I didn't take photos of all the food, unfortunately.  We also had:

Mexico:  Crispy shrimp taco
Scandinavia:  Swedish meatballs with lingonberries
South Africa:  Bunny Chow (vegetable curry served in a bread loaf)
Hops & Barley:  Pumpkin mousse with craisins and orange sauce
Portugal:  Calamari salad with fennel, smoked paprika and olive oil
Belgium:  Belgian waffle with berry compote and whipped cream (Dan's)

Then, later that night we bought the last bottle of champagne at the hotel shop and celebrated being married.  le sigh!

Animal kingdom - safari time!

Giant, very close to us, rhino!

Incredibly satisfying turkey sandwich on Focaccia bread with an apple side and a bottle of water.  Dan had a cheeseburger with apples and a mango shake.

Then, our "fancy!" dinner for our honeymoon celebration was our last night.  We went to Narcoosee's at the Floridian.  (Hello, GORGEOUS resort!)  The drinks were a perfect start to the night.  Dan got his classic mojito favorite, and I splurged with a key lime martini. 

/heart pounding - my Husband is so handsome.  It kills me.

For Dinner we had a full four courses plus a bottle and some glasses of wine, and coffee.  We were there 2.5 hours.  

Lobster Spring Roll
Heirloom Apple Salad
Shrimp and Crab Chowder (we each ate half the salad and soup to share them)
I got the Crab-crusted mahi mahi, and Dan got Filet Mignon.
Dessert was their famed almond crusted cheesecake, which is better than anything you've ever tasted.

They even decorated it for us:

SO!  There ends my saga on our vacation.  Pretty fun, eh?

And now that I'm at the end of this blog post, it's fifteen pages long and I realize I'd like to save the recipes and other info for next time.  Toodle-oo!



Amanda said...

Looks like you had a great time! I am a Disney fanatic so I'm a little jealous right now :) And all the food looked amazing! Congrats again, you two are so cute together!

Blue Line Bulldogs said...

Ahhhh "home"! LOVE Disney World! Where did you stay? We were there in September for 10-nights at the Poly! Just loved it! Food & Wine is a lot of fun with LOTS of good food! Welcome back!

Kevin said...

"they also offered raw pineapple. HELLO! That's awesome! When I ordered it the guy seemed surprised, I don't think many people do. "

Here in Japan, we always have fresh pineapple slices as one of the delicacies at at least one food stall at our summer festivals. Also, cucumbers under cold running water.

Diandra said...

Ha, there's way better German food than bratwurst. Or goulash soup. ^^ (I really have to get my German cooking together again, and share the recipes.)

Wow, that trip did make some memories, I bet!

(And my word verification says, "bacons". Nice. ^^ )

Erica Marie said...

I haven't been in blogger world for a little while now, so first I'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! Woo being married is a beautiful thing (I assume, since I'm not yet - but aww) Second, the food looked delish!! I'd love to be more adventurous with foods, the healthy ones. When I try to eat right it's usually your basic fruits and veggies and what not, but you help me realize there is so much more out there that I would never try.. but I should!

Beautiful honeymoon pictures, glad you guys had so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

The food and wine festival is our favorite time to go, been there twice for that, and then 4 other times, b/c my husband is addicted!